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Why GTS Fleet?

No Contract—Month to month subscriptions
No Hardware Cost—Included with subscription
Unlimited Wireless data included

GTS has the answer. Explore the benefits of GPS vehicle tracking.

Single-Cost Solutions

GTS uses a very simple approach to help fleet owners earn an immediate return on their fleet management investment. We select from the best hardware, software and service providers in the industry in the development of our “single-cost” fleet management solutions. For a low monthly fee, GTS solutions include the hardware, the fleet management software, the data transport and full customer support. We don't charge early termination fees-and we don't require a long-term contract commitment. In fact, we don’t require a contract commitment at all. It’s pay-as-you-go, cancel anytime.


Driver Accountability

We asked fleet owners and managers what they really need and most want from a fleet management solution. The majority told us that they don’t have time to spend watching dots move around on a map. What they really need is a simple system that holds their drivers accountable for how, when and where their vehicles are driven. GTS delivers exactly this through a combination of trip logging, geofencing, real-time alerts and comprehensive reports. Once the driver of a fleet vehicle understands that every trip is logged for location, time, speed and safety, then accountability immediately begins.


The One-Hour ROI

Several years ago, GTS created a calculator to help prospective customers estimate the time it would take for the solution benefits to exceed the solution costs. This is commonly known as the ROI or “return on investment.” In an effort to simplify our ROI calculator, it occurred to us that it might be better if we simplified the pricing instead of the calculator. Allow us to present a different take on calculating the ROI of the GTS fleet management solutions: our services have a monthly cost starting at $20. If the driver of a fleet vehicle earns $20 per hour, then the ROI for our solutions is approximately one hour’s wage per month. If the driver earns less, then the ROI is a bit more than an hour. The only question left to answer is: “Will I save more than one man-hour per month?” We can help with the answer.


Just a Few of Our Clients

The GTS Fleet services have helped K/E Electric Supply improve customer service while saving money in transportation costs.”

thumb K/E Electric Supply Co.

We have been very happy with the services that GTS provides for our Sterling Sanitation Fleet.”

thumb Sterling Sanitation Inc.

Why haven’t more fleet owners deployed fleet tracking solutions?

Most fleet owners have never given serious consideration to the deployment of a fleet management solution. It’s no surprise given the cost of hardware, software and data transport. Factor in the installation, activation and early termination fees along with a one to three year commitment and the light at the end of the cost versus benefit tunnel is too distant to see. GTS delivers affordable, risk-free, easy to use fleet management.

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