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Tracking View

Tracking View—Satellite with Weather

Tracking View with Traffic

Tracking History View

Geofence View

Driver Editor

History Playback

Find Address

Group Editor

Report Options

Vehicle Details

High Resolution GPS

Real time updates to fleet vehicle locations with detailed routes and road conditions. ISO TS-16949: Easy installation for almost any fleet vehicle.


Users can find the closest vehicles within a defined area such as defined geo-fences, whether circular and polygonal, or an address, and can determine in seconds where the closest driver is to the area by simply typing in the point of interest.


Geo-fencing identifies vehicles entering or exiting virtual boundaries to trigger an alert. An unlimited number of circle, concentric circles, polygonal and route geo-fences can be created.

Logs Data Even When Out of Cellular Coverage

Can store and forward a month’s worth of data.

Web-Based Management

Online web-based system is remotely accessible 24/7/365 with unlimited users. Web-based service is accessible from any web browser or device.

Mapping & Breadcrumbs

Dynamic, feature-rich, detailed live-mapping with a fast refresh rate and pan/zoom capabilities.

Vehicle Tracking

Events such as vehicle stops, idling, speeding, alerts, sleep modes, or exiting/entering geo-fenced areas can be set to trigger an alert or be entered into the vehicle’s history.


Users will be able to define important or frequently visited locations, such as job sites, districts, departments, airports or other types of sites as landmarks.

ISO TS-16949

OEM standard for automobile manufacturing.

Custom Alerts

Vehicle speed, location, entry to or exit from a geo-fenced area, hard braking, hard cornering and excessive acceleration.

Data Archiving

Information will be available online 24/7 for ninety (90) days and exported to CSV files for long term retrieval.

Automated Maintenance

Monitors vehicles maintenance intervals based upon time, miles and/or engine hours, and alerts designated individuals for scheduled maintenance.

3-Axis Accelerometer

Measures acceleration, braking and cornering forces Real-time alerts available for accelerometer events.

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Event and exception-based reporting of vehicle activity parameters such as length of stops, idling, or speeding. Filtering of report data; saves time by only displaying the requested information Report parameters can be modified at any time. Comes pre-populated with over 20 standard reports. Reports can be set to self-run as needed.

Seasonal Shutdown

Seasonal Shutdown allows vehicles out of service for longer than 30 days to be billed at $10 per month without removing and returning the installed device and can be reactivated with 24 hour notice.

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