GTS Fleet Driver ID System

  • Automate Driver assignments on the GTS Fleet management platform
  • Connects directly to the GTS FT2630—no wiring required
  • Each Reader and Buzzer comes with 2 separately coded Key Fobs
  • Each driver is assigned a unique Key Fob
  • The Driver and Key Fob are added to the GTS Fleet platform
  • After engine start, buzzer sounds until the key fob is presented to the reader
  • Driver is automatically assigned to the vehicle on the GTS Fleet platform
  • Driver specific reports will track driving behavior regardless of vehicle driven
  • Improves time card accuracy when drivers often change vehicles

Driver ID System Components

  • Reader and buzzer connect to the GTS FT2630
  • 2 Key Fobs included per Reader & Buzzer
  • No wiring required

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